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Acclaimed Author Susie Vanderlip:

* Sleep better knowing your teen is well prepared to resist peer pressure.
* Written in 52 short, easy-to-read chapters
* Unique insights into the “why” and “how” teenagers think based on lengthy talks 
   with 25,000 teens in 47 states. They share the What, Why and Whatever.
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Message from Author
Susie Vanderlip, CSP
Certified Speaking Professional, Youth and Family Issues Expert, Prevention Consultant,
College Professor, Dancer, Actor, and Creator/Performer of the internationally-acclaimed one-woman show
Dear Friends,

I wrote this book based on lengthy one-on-one conversations with 25,000 individual teens following my LEGACY OF HOPE® assemblies at their schools and youth conferences. SInce 1991, I've been incredibly privileged to present to one million teens and adults in 47 states and Canada. But it has been these heartwarming and, often, heartbreaking personal disclosures of teenagers that told me we adults have been living in a bubble of illusion and denial! The world our youth are growing up in today is not the same as the world of our childhood. The pressures and the pains of adolescence are magnified multi-fold, and so are the means of escaping them.

So we adults need a reality check AND we need to know how to reach teenagers raised in a digital, multi-media, sound-bite, extreme, star-studded, sexualized, endorsed drug-using social environment. Let's not forget that it is a bottom-line profits world today in which we've allowed corporate America to market everything under the sun to our youth with sexual messages we would have considered pornography a generation ago.

Today, we have more teens from homes with parents who themselves have alcohol or drug addictions, more teens from abandonment, more teens being raised by grandparents who age and die leaving youth with grief and no security.
Teen music has become angrier as teens vent anguish and loss the only way they know how. And new epidemics spread like wildfire with the advent of Internet and cell phones and chat rooms and blogs -- self-harm (teens cutting on their bodies with razor blades) is currently in vogue as a vehicle to cope with utterly unfathomable feelings of self-loathing and worthlessness.

Being a teenager isn't easy, my friends! And neither is being a parent!!

Because of my unusual opportunity to be trusted by teens all across America, and my willingness, if not ability to relate to their pains, I listened from my adult mind and my youthful heart. I evaluated from an adult perspective but removed the instinct to react out of fear for what a teen might do. I compared my observations and conclusions against the research of clinical psychology today and prevention specialists.



Want to sleep better at night, PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS, knowing you've truly connected with your teens?

THERAPISTS, COUNSELORS and EDUCATORS, want to have concrete tools to get teens listening and responding?

TEEN: Want to know how to talk to your parents so they will hear you and to listen for what your parents' words REALLY mean?

52 Ways is easy to read -- read a little, read a lot, then re-read when you want to try out a new skill or approach to a teen, on a day he/she is sporting a less than communicative "attitude"! Put it in the bathroom, by the bed, in your backpack, or on your desk for easy reference. It's that kind of book! A companion on days when you're at your wits end of parenting or just can't take another confrontation with your parents. HOW TO with a mighty mix of HOPE!
And check out the Index, too. There's easy reference to Emotions Based on Fear that interfere in our most precious relationships. And Emotions Based on Love that facilitate better, more compassionate, more rewarding relations between any two people, young and old.
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