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Reader Comments
May, 2008: 
I am so excited about what I have gained through your book that I have shared your messages & book with many of my friends and son's friends’ parents.  I tell them it is a must read!!! 
Thank You for the valuable insight, knowledge and emotional messages you have projected through your book.  

I have a 9 year son (good kid) but thought after your seminar I need to be prepared for what life may put in front of me. I want to guide & understand, the many situations, my son will experience in his teen years, in the best way I can. Your book has given me  powerful tools to use in guiding him through his teen years and insight on the communication level that I need to have with him & his peers to help them get through the best years of their lives with the self confidence & esteem they deserve. 

Your book has also enlightened me on different situations in my teen years that threw me in the wrong direction for a while and gave me some reasons I did what I did.  Not bad, but bad enough to not be good!   I do agree without the
guidance of caring parents, I would not be where I am today - a successful adult that manages to get through -- With the help & education from people like you, making  life a 
Legacy of Hope.'  Thanks again & again!"

Cindy Laughren
Parent, Huntington Beach, CA

"I am writing you this note to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your book as a counselor and as a parent of 4 girls, one of whom is 16. Your book is free from the psycho-babble and is a user-friendly, easily digestible, practical guide for parents to use that doesn't talk over their heads. I have been a school counselor for 17 years and I will
definitely recommend this book to the parents and families I work with.
Than you."

Dick Christy
Guidance Coordinator
Ogdensburg Free Academy, Ogdensburg, NY

"Susie's book is a "Must Study" for parents!  I wish I had this resource 10 years ago when my kids were growing up.  
I would recommend this to every parent of 7-8 year olds..and up.  It's filled with preventative measures, ideas and understanding of the developing self image for young girls and boys.   This book, read and studied by parents and
adolescents could prevent much of the angst of teenage years, drug and alcohol abuse, other kinds of abuse and many sleepless nights for parents.  It's an incredible guide for prevention. Thank you Susie!"

Cynthia Collins, 
Mother and Independent Consultant, 
ERVP Arbonne International
"Congrats on your award (iParenting Media - 2006 Product of Excellence)!  Your book is certainly deserving of every award for  which it is nominated.  I only wish I had had a copy when I was teaching. I read the whole book, and you are right on in every category--from my experience with eighth graders."

Clarissa Thomasson
Contributing Editor, Grand Magazine
Venice, Florida
"This book provided so many concrete tips to help diffuse some of the tension and flare-ups in our home.  I learned that my body language and communication style had a big impact on how my teens reacted to me.  We have a more peaceful home and seem to really “connect” with each other now.  The important thing is, my kids know I’ll listen and that I truly care.  Thanks to “52 Ways”, I’m in a much better position to protect my kids from some of the very real dangers out there."

Toni Nelson, 
Mother of Two - now young adults, boy and girl 
Fulltime Homemaker, previously CPA
"I bought your book a while back. My good friend also read it (another teen) and loved it!!
She said that it was the first book that she could really relate to. I loved it to!! It sits on my
nightstand under my bible. I thought you would like to know."

Rhea, high school student
West Virgina

"I was so impressed with your book. I am trying to encourage other teachers to read it to really get a feel of what students are dealing with in our classrooms."

Shirley Robinson, Guidance Director
Deltona High School
Deltona, Florida
"Wow, I'm impressed. I have read about half of your book and it is no less than awesome. What an inspiring, useful and heartfelt selection of words, ideas, real-life examples and suggestions to assist everyone in elevating our teens to where they deserve to be. . . few people are out there who sincerely and heartfully reach out to teens. . .finally, someone who sees them for who they are and recognizes how special they are. Your book is so valuable and I pray that it gets into the hands of hundreds of parents and teens who can reap the benefits of the messages and suggestions within."

Gayle Smith,
Peer Assistance Leaders Advisor,
La Vista Continuation/Endeavor TMR,
Santa Ana, California
The American School Counselor Association placed 52 Ways on their online resource center for school counselors who are members to access. "This is a good book for adults who are struggling to know "why" certain things happened to them in their lives. Thanks for a great book and the insight it took to write it,"

Mike Rounds, Professional Speaker, Author, Consultant
Rounds, Miller and Associates, Rancho Palos Verdes, California
"Your enthusiasm, compassion and sincere devotion to helping troubled teens comes through on every page. Your knowledge and concern for young people who are themselves abusing alcohol and/or drugs, or who live with an addicted parent(s) is apparent throughout. . . the book is a useful tool for parents and others who care about teens. It has a "down home" feeling in how you communicate to parents. Your sincerity shines through every page. No wonder the students clamor to speak to you after your presentations wherever you go. Your energy and willingness to share and listen are boundless."

Dr. Elaine Leader,
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center,
Center for the Study of Youth
Los Angeles, California
"I can't put (52 Ways) down yet, I'm so I'm reading it again just to be sure I didn't miss anything. I LOVED it. It was full of so much honest feeling and experiences, wisdom, support, and I believe it holds the key to serenity in it. I think that your book is going to touch and help parents and teens and even the way they handle everyday life. For instance,
even Chapter 20. Even though it was more directed to adults rather than teens, I particularly enjoyed it. In my mind I said that if my parents, siblings, teacher, friend, took the time to sit down and honestly just ask me questions about what I was doing, I would have probably shared more and maybe I wouldn't have ever started with some of my (destructive) habits"

20-year-old young adult, Florida
"This is excellent reading for adults and teenagers.”
“52 Ways is trustworthy information, sound advice, and an excellent resource that parents and teenagers can use to make a great success out of this challenging stage of life.”

Dr. Art Ulene, Former NBC Today Medical Expert

"In my career as an educator and counselor, I’ve never seen a more valuable resource for parents.”  
“Susie Vanderlip’s personal experiences and conversations with thousands of teens after her ‘Legacy of Hope’ presentations have led to her keen insight into the hearts and minds of adolescents.  As parents read this book, they will better understand the world from the eyes and emotions of teens and will learn down-to-earth strategies to build strong relationships with them – such relationships are the best protection parents can give their teens.  In my career as an educator and counselor, I’ve never seen a more valuable, user-friendly resource for parents.”  

Janice Christopher, Ed.D.,  Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Services

Monongalia County School District,  
Morgantown , WV

“This book shows parents and teens how to meet their needs.”
“In the book, 52 Reasons, Susie Vanderlip cleverly demonstrates how teens can meet their needs and how parents can meet their needs while keeping the lines of communication open between them. This eventually leads to young adults who take effective control of their lives and function as responsible citizens in the real world.”

Corrine Pridham
President, National Association of Peer Helpers
Massachusetts Peer Helpers Association
Reality Therapy Certified, Faculty Member, William Glasser Institute

“She provided a roadmap for understanding the difficult challenges (of adolescence).”
“Susie provided a comprehensive and concise format for teens and their families to follow. She really left no stone uncovered. She succeeded in capturing the essential components of adolescent development and provided a roadmap for understanding their difficult challenges. She demonstrated broad insight into the mind of the adolescent allowing for a unique understanding of teenagers during their difficult times. She was able to address both the emotional and spiritual needs of the adolescent and family.”  

Gary Ruelas, D.O., Ph.D.
Psychosomatic Medicine
Clinical Neuropsychology
Pediatric Adolescent Health Services

"Got the book and had a chance to actually read most of it this weekend.  It
is a terrific job. It is well written, and Patti did a fine job of designing
and laying it out. But, it is the philosophy behind the text that is so
compelling to me.  I hope everyone with teenagers gets to read this book-in
fact, it should be mandatory reading!
You should give yourself a big pat on the back for a job well done."

Joanne Pello
Professional Editor and Writer
Media Content Marketing
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